Hair building up clogging your drain

There are a variety of things that can cause drain blockage in your home or in commercial buildings. The most common drain blockage causes are probably the most well-known and food debris. Hey may seem innocent but if enough hair build-up over time this can cause severe blockage and cause problems for your drainage system. This is, of course, most common in your shower or bath and using a functional plug hole sieve can work wonders to prevent hair building up to the extent of clogging your drain. The same with food debris in your kitchen plug hole.

It is easy for bits of food over time to fall down your drain without you noticing and one day you realise that your water no longer flows down your drain as it should. This is particularly common when you have more people in your home and you are cooking more regularly. If your bathroom and kitchen plug holes and drains are not maintained regularly enough a buildup can occur and before you know it your drain is blocked. 

The right waste disposal

Outside the common drain blockage causes, there are other things that can cause your drain to become clogged. In commercial buildings such as restaurants and cafes or any building that cooks and treats a lot of food, the biggest drain blockage cause is fat and grease. This is something that if it isn’t diluted enough before pouring down your drain can cause a real issue for your drainage system. Fat and grease can be a messy situation if it plugs your drain and can play havoc with your pipes. This is something that can be prevented with the right waste disposal and regular maintenance. 


Another cause of a drain blockage is normally toiletries that are flushed down the toilet where they cannot fit through the pipes and thus causing a blockage. Soaps, sanitary products and nappies are just a few of the things that our training specialists have to fish out of blocked drains. This type of blockage can be easily prevented by following the right advice. This is most common in commercial buildings with multiple toilets where a lot of people use the same toilet on a daily basis. 

The other cause of drain blockage is not as common but it causes havoc all the same and this is trees. Their roots and leaves can cause a lot of damage but a quick removal of roots and leaves can unclog a drain and then we can repair any pipes that are damaged.